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Global Warming Potential

Global warming potential

Global warming potential

The world’s first API for Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA). Calculate the warming potential of thousands of commodities with a single request.

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We have curated and cleaned millions of data points from thousands of Life-Cycle Assessments.

Our service provides access to accurate statistics on a product's environmental impact, on a geographical level, over its entire lifecycle.

This essential data is often heavily monopolised, challenging to find, and difficult to make sense of. We make it easy and affordable for developers to create and maintain accurate prediction models.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"commodity":"beef","weight":"3600"}' \ https://global.warmingpotential.com { "totalGlobalWarmingPotential": 104.41, "meanGreenHouseGasPer2000Kcals": 28.95, "kgCO2eqPerkgProduce": { "median": 26.715, "mean": 28.770792682926828, "stdev": 12.459156833662545, "deviationfromMean": 4.454999999999998, "min": 10.74, "max": 109.35, "count": 164 } }


Forkful is an iOS app that we built leveraging the Warming Potential service to inspire sustainable, nutritious eating habits. It boasts a powerful recipe search that allows users to compare the nutritional benefit and environmental impact of thousands of recipes at a glance.

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Josh Hopkins

Josh is passionate about changing the world for the better. He’s a product architect, developer and researcher and is currently the Director of Product Development at Sui Generis I/O, where he builds meaningful digital products for humans.

Imogen Castledine

Imogen believes that we each have a responsibility to use our powers for good. She is currently using her powers of project management, writing and customer success wizardry to build products aimed at future-proofing our world.

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